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Welcome to MiYoga & Mindfulness!

MiYoga & Mindfulness wants to make the powerful practices of both yoga and mindfulness accessible to all. Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, improve focus, body image, physical fitness and general feeling of wellbeing. MiYoga & Mindfulness is the brain child of Dr. Erika Pott, pediatrician and founding member of MiKids Pediatrics. She has been passionate practitioner of yoga and mindfulness for over 10 years, having completed the Mindful Schools Curriculum, and most recently her 200 hour RYT yoga teaching certification at Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga. 

Erika weaves yoga and mindfulness practices into her work as a pediatrician and organizes and teaches yoga classes for kids and teens (and occasionally adults) in the waiting room of MiKids Pediatrics and around the community. 

Frequent this page to find local kids yoga and mindfulness classes, learn about the profound effect these practices can have on kids and adults alike, and learn easy techniques to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into every day life.

Yoga-NidraDr. Erika Pott
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Hockey visualizationDr. Erika Pott
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