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Poison Control or call 1-800-222-1222


General info on illness, parenting, general pediatric topics: (official page or the American Academy of Pediatrics)


For travel


Fit kids 360

Information on vaccines:



MyHealth.Spectrum Health

Breastfeeding Resources

PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act Signed Into Law

The Stanford catalog of videos


Breast massage video from Ann Witt and Maya Bolman

Great resource for early days of breastfeeding


Women’s Health Breastfeeding support page:


Kellymom’s website has a whole catalog of breastfeeding info:

The CDC has a section just for breastfeeding on its website:

CDC info on alcohol and medications as it relates to breastfeeding


Prenatal Education - Breastfeeding and Maternal Self-care

click here

Website on exposures to the baby through pregnancy or breastfeeding (meds, infections—)


Nice updated website on Breastfeeding State Laws, including Federal as well:


Breast Crawl video/ website (for immediately after birth):


Common Intrusive Thoughts in the Postpartum Period

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kind of fun:

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