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CARE CONVENE instructions

You do need to call our office to set up a telemedicine appointment. The app will allow you to make your own appointment but we cannot see this or use this on our end. You need to call the office, set up an appointment time and billing and insurance information will be taken on that call as these visits still go through your insurance. 

Download the Care Convene Patient app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store



Open app and set-up new account (Parent’s Information)

  • Add Provider Code at this time: "MiKids"

An email will be sent to confirm registered email address (Must do or will not be able to log into app, you’ll get an error message).  Click on “Verify my email address” in the body of the email.

Open app and go to “Settings”

  • Add Dependent Children (Must do prior to starting E-visit.  Add child that will be seen for E-visit.)

  • Add Insurance (optional, not required)

  • Add Payment Information (optional, not required)

  • Add Pharmacy (search by Zip Code)

About 10 minutes prior to the time of scheduled E-visit appointment, click on “Visit”

  • Add Provider Code

    • Type “MiKids”

    • Scroll to select “MiKids Pediatrics” and click to open

    • Select name of who visit is for

    • Click on scheduled Provider name

  • Answer informational questions​

    • Reason for Visit (ie. Abdominal pain, fever, cough, Med check)

    • Onset Date

  • Click “Next”

  • Insurance information and payment not required at this time  

  • Click “Take Self-Assessment” to proceed

  • Answer triage questions regarding symptoms (ie. when symptoms started, etc.)

  • Click “Request Visit”

    • Will get moved to virtual waiting room until Provider is available and starts visit

*Please make sure device is charged prior to visit, or make sure you have access to your charger. Features of the e-visit do not work if battery life goes below 25%

If you have any questions or problems with the E-visit process, please call the office at (616) 818-7454 for assistance.

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